Our Wing Tsun Instructors

 Si-Fu Keith Fain  

- I have over 40 years of fighting experience! My fighting experience started when I was 9  with western Boxing.  I began Kung Fu in 1980 under Grand Master Rusty Gray.  I have trained with Master John Wing-Lok Ng, Master John Dufrense, Master Bruce Linville, and Master John Tsai. I began my Wing Tsun training in 1989 in the Grand Master Leung Ting system, and continued my Wing Tsun training with Master Emin Boztepe in 1991. 

I hold an 8th degree black sash in Shaolin Kung Fu.  I am a 1st Technician in Wing Tsun Kung Fu and was inducted into the Kung Fu Hall of Fame on February 26, 2011 as a "Legendary Fighter".

I opened my first kung fu school in Nashville, TN in 1987.  I, then, moved my school to Clarksville in 1989 and retired from teaching in 2005.  I have now decided to re-open my kung fu school to continue to share my love and knowledge of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  

Si-Mo Christine Fain, Head Children's Instructor & Assistant Adult Instructor

- I have studied martial arts for over 16 years.  I hold a brown belt in Wado Ryu and a 10th Student Level in Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  I have studied Wing Tsun under Keith Fain since 2003.  I have trained with Si-Fu Emin Boztepe, Si-Juk Michael Casey from the EBMAS organization, and with Si-Juk Ingo Wiegel.

1220 College St. Clarksville, TN 37040                                                                            phone: 931-378-3158 or 931-320-6854